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Conturelle autumn/winter 2013

Mystic Forest:
This trend story seeks inspiration in the world of European fairytales. The dark mysterious aura of a dense forest by night is the focal theme. Flowers and foliage are only discernible as shady outlines. Conturelle by Felina has used this topic for two fashion ranges.

Fashion range 41:
Stunning for its extraordinary design, Fashion range 41 by Conturelle is an alluring and elegant series. It features jacquard inspired by the “ancient ruins” celebrated in the 18th century. Combined with slightly sheer, romantic floral embroidery its design is both mythical and seductive. A sparkling highlight is provided by Swarovski gems on the bra gores. In keeping with the trend topic, the range comes in dark nocturnal colours: midnight, a blue black, and forest, a beige brown. The range comprises an underwired bra, an extraordinary balconnet bra with semi-padded cups offering extra support in the lower cup, and three matching bottoms: mini briefs, a shorty and thong pant. Partly sheer openings combined with floral embroidery make the shorty and thong pant look very seductive. The minibriefs, fashioned entirely out of jacquard fabric, round off the assortment.

Special features of fashion range 41:

  • Extraordinary balconnet bra
  • Floral embroidery combined with exquisite jacquard
  • Underwired bra from B to H cup sizes

Fashion range 42:
Fashion range 42 is also influenced by the trend topic Mystic Forest. The range consists of an underwired bra with cups featuring our traditional outer control panel, mini briefs and bikini briefs. The underwired bra is adorned by romantic all-over embroidery. The semi-sheer upper cup, decorative straps and Swarovski gem on the bra gore add to the playful fairytale look. Added embroidery on the front infuses the mini briefs and bikini briefs with sophisticated chic. The colour range comprises stone, a calm light beige, and indigo, a bold blue, as an interesting highlight.

Special features of fashion range 42:

  • Exquisite allover embroidery
  • Underwired bra from B to H cup sizes
  • Swarovski crystal ornament

Dark Sentiment:
This is a darkly romantic trend topic. The beguiling charm and attraction of the underworld. The atmosphere of a nocturnal forest is also the source of inspiration. Dense tree tops that obscure the sky and create a dark atmosphere full of ghostly shadows.

Fashion range 43:
Fine allover lace combined with solitary embroidery are key for the look of this fashion range. Two colour stories are available: classic black with bronze undertones and stylish Pacific, a dark turquoise. The range has something to offer every woman thanks to its diversity of styles. An underwired bra, cleavage bra and padded underwired bra plus mini briefs, shorty, thong and maxi brief. As a special highlight the range includes a sophisticated suspender belt with a solitary guipure adornment and suspenders. The underwired bra stands out for its semi-sheer upper cups. The low-cut cleavage bra offers perfect support even in E cup sizes thanks to its high-cut straps. As an additional eyecatcher the solitary embroidery motifs are continued on the straps. The padded underwired bra guarantees an optimum fit thanks to its three-part cup. The cups are covered to make the underwiring completely invisible from the outside. Allover lace and embroidered bands add to the opulence of the look as does a shiny stripe on the upper edge of the cup. Allover lace and embroidery motifs also adorn the briefs. The thong features a double back. Flat and very comfortable hems vanish under close-fitting garments. The high-waist panty is stylishly high cut and owes its alluring look to slightly sheer lace panels on the sides teamed with solitary embroidery motifs.

Special features of fashion range 43:

  • Wide range of styles
  • Fine allover lace teamed with fine embroidery
  • Cleavage bra and padded underwired bra up to E cup sizes
  • Wide variety of brief styles for many different combinations

Galanterie - French for fancy goods or fashion accessories – is the source of inspiration for this trend topic. Think fashion jewellery, fragrance bottles, stylish buckles, buttons and bows. These elements are incorporated in the third fashion range, which is a perfect mix of opulent elegance and femininity.

Fashion range 44:
Fashion range 44 comprises an underwired bra with draping, a balconnet bra and three brief styles: mini briefs, shorty and thong pant. The underwired bra is adorned with fine tricoloured bead crescents, bordered by floral cascades along the neckline. Tricoloured floral embroidery on dotted tulle is used sparingly in some places, lavishly in others. A bi-coloured ornamental medallion adorns the bra gore. The cups of the balconnet bra are covered by a dotted fantasy tulle. The lower cups are supported by padding and the neckline is edged by bead crescents with tricoloured borders. As a special feature, the mini briefs boast guipure ornaments on the front. Dotted tulle, embroidery bands and an ornamental medallion round off the picture. The two other brief styles - shorty and thong pant – also feature the bead crescents with embroidery. The range is available in black teamed with dark blue and purple, and wine-red Barolo combined with different shades of red.

Special features of fashion range 44:

  • Tricoloured floral embroidery
  • Opaque lower cup on both bra styles
  • Sophisticated underwired bra with draping
  • Elaborately fashioned briefs

NOS range 05 Provence:
The successful NOS range Provence, consisting of an underwired bra, mini briefs and bikini briefs, will be offered in the expressive fashion shade deep taupe (red taupe) as a fitting colour for autumn.

Special features of NOS range 05 Provence:

  • Elegant tricoloured embroidery
  • Underwired bra with outer control panel from B to H cup sizes

NOS range 21 Liberté:
The highly popular NOS range Liberté will be available as of autumn 2013 in fresh smoky blue, a medium grey blue. The underwired bra, mini briefs and bikini briefs are all available in this fashion shade.

Special features of NOS range 21 Liberté:

  • Pinstripe design combined with elegant embroidery
  • Underwired bra with outer control panel from size 65 up to H cup sizes

Delivery dates:

Fashion range 41:Late August 2013
Fashion range 42:Early September 2013
Fashion range 43:Late August 2013
Fashion range 44:Late July 2013
NOS range 05 Provence:Late July 2013 (additional colour)
NOS range 21 Liberté:Late August 2013 (additional colour)


B - H; 32 - 46

Brief sizes: XS - 4XL