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Conturelle comfort lines spring/summer 2014

The models in the PURE BALANCE series have smooth, seamless cups and nestle perfectly up against the body, giving them an invisible look underneath clothes. Particularly soft and ergonomically formed comfortable straps provide secure support and relieve strain on shoulders.

The use of a double-faced fabric with the soft and comfortable cotton side against the skin produces an absolute feel-good factor. This cotton-on-skin effect promises special comfort (all models apart from the Spacer bra): as the result of the special design, moisture is absorbed by the cotton and transported to the exterior. The moisture is then given off by the microfibre.

The series offers an underwired shaping bra, a non-wired shaping bra and non-wired shaping body, both up to an F cup, and an innovative spacer bra. Bikini knickers and full briefs round off the series.

The softly shaped cup on the spacer bra lends a natural feeling of lightness created by the extreme fineness of the fabric. Spacer fabric is defined as being very light and flexible while also keeping its shape. The 3-D technology of this spacer fabric permits optimal breathability and enables the skin to dry particularly quickly. A yellowing of the cup material is no longer possible. The spacer bra sets new benchmarks in comfort.

The colours offered are the basic colours of white, sand and black as well as the fashion colour lilac, a subtle lilac tone.


Special features of the “PURE BALANCE” series:

  • Shaping bra, underwired and non-wired
  • Shaping body up to an F cup
  • Spacer bra from B to G cup
  • Double-faced fabric with reverse cotton side against the skin
  • Smooth cups on all models to look perfect underneath clothes



Addition to series:

Conturelle is also offering an attractive addition to the JOY series for the November 2013 delivery date. The permanent JOY GRAPHIC series (which can be reordered throughout the season) uses a print based on a herringbone pattern. All models are available in the colour cappuccino. Three models are offered: an underwired shaping bra, bikini knickers and full briefs. The smooth and flat workmanship of the models ensures perfect comfort especially with close-fitting clothing.


Colour additions:

The successful NOS series 01 JOY will be supplied in the fashion colour cappuccino as from the start of November 2013, matching the series addition JOY GRAPHIC. The underwired bra, underwired body and briefs will be available in this additional colour.

One of the most successful Conturelle NOS series, the 18 PASSION series, will be offered in the fashionable colour merlot in spring 2014. Underwired bra, briefs and full briefs can be ordered in the brownish red colour.


As from the end of February 2014, the NOS series 31 GRACE will be reissued in the stylish colour cardinal (a fresh red). All models in the series will be available in this fashion colour.



Delivery dates:

Serie PURE BALANCE:End of January 2014
Serie JOY GRAPHIC:Beginning of November 2013
Serie JOY:Beginning of November 2013 (colour addition)
Serie PASSION:End of January 2014 (colour addition)
Serie GRACE:End of February 2014 (colour addition)


A - H; 70 - 110

Sizes of briefs: S - 4XL