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Conturelle spring/summer 2014

Costiera Amalfitana:

The amazing Amalfi Coast in the summer – blue water, colourful and opulent flowers and shrubs surrounded by warm sunlight. The Conturelle series has picked up on the charm of this summery coastal landscape.

NOS series 802 ETERNITY:

Elegant and opulent sum up the presentation of the new ETERNITY series from Conturelle. It features high quality, shimmering fine satin fabric with dots in nano stitch quality. Nano stitch represents the new generation when it comes to quality knitwear. The quality of this material is very fine but nevertheless highly functional. It is extremely soft to touch, but simultaneously keeps its shape and is bi-elastic. The series gets its romantic charm from the playful embroidery depicting wild roses and vines. The combination of quality embroidery and shiny dotted satin rounds off the festive look of the series. One small highlight is the pearl accessory in the centre of the bra.

The series comprises the following models: underwired bra with opaque undercup, semi-transparent balcony bra, strapless soft cup bra, strapless corset, thong, bikini knickers and full brief. As a result of the seamless workmanship on the cups (shaping), the strapless corset and strapless soft cup bra are comfortable especially underneath close-fitting clothing. Both models are available with multiway straps and can therefore be worn with the straps in different positions. Classic white and blush (a natural peachy colour) are available as NOS colours, while the mid pink English rose is available as fashion colour.

Special features of the NOS series 802 ETERNITY:

  • Strapless soft cup bra (with multiway straps) from B to F cup
  • Strapless corset (with multiway straps) up to a D cup
  • Floral embroidery combined with shiny fine satin fabric
  • Satin fabric in nano stitch quality


Permanent series 897 DOLCE DIVA:

The new permanent series DOLCE DIVA (which can be reordered throughout a season) offers pure temptation. The series comprises an underwired bra with the proven outer crescent support in the cup, a balcony bra, a seductive underwired body and a thong and low-rise shorts. The perfectly flattering ornamental all-over lace lends the series its subtle and sensuous character. Additional cup support guarantees optimal comfort up to large cup sizes. This interaction of transparent and opaque elements, the decorative fagotting seams and the simple ornamental crystal on the bra and body create a sophisticated look. All models are available in black, blush (a natural peachy colour) and vivid viola (a strong violet).

Special features of the permanent series 897 DOLCE DIVA:

  • All-over ornamental lace
  • Underwired bra from B to H cup
  • Balcony bra up to an E cup


Fashion series 898:

The contemporary subject of the Costiera Amalfitana is also reflected in this fashion series. It comprises an underwired bra, a padded bra, bikini knickers and full briefs. The series derives its Italian charm from the special design, which combines a floral print in strong colours, a transparent dotted tulle and opulent embroidered ribbon as well as an embroidery motif with vine pattern. All models are available in two colours; black (underlaid with a coloured floral print) and vanilla (underlaid with a blue floral print).

Special features of the fashion series 898:

  • Attractive design due to the layered look
  • Underwired bra from B to H cup
  • Padded bra up to an F cup


Fashion series 899:

Classic rose embroidery determines the look of this fashion series. The colours of the series are oriented to the vivid summery colours of a coastal landscape. Two colours are available: Capri breeze (a strong blue-turquoise) and Campari (an intense red tone). The series consists of an underwired bra with matching bikini knickers and full briefs. With its proven cut (outer crescent support in the cup), the underwired bra guarantees perfect support up to an H cup. The fashionable full briefs smooth over small problem areas on the stomach.

Special features of the fashion series 899:

  • All-over high quality embroidery
  • Dramatic summery colours
  • Underwired bra from B to H cup, starting from an underbust measurement of 70



Delivery dates:

NOS series ETERNITY:End of January 2014
Permanent series DOLCE DIVA:End of February 2014
Fashio series 898:End of February 2014
Fashio series 899:End of March 2014

Cup / sizes:
B - H; 65 - 105
Sizes of briefs XS - 4XL