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Trends spring/summer 2014

For the 2014 Spring/Summer season Comturelle Comfort combines the familiar quality standard with innovative materials, thereby offering unique comfort. The PURE BALANCE series is a perfected “feel-good range” for every day. The use of a double-faced fabric with the soft and comfortable cotton side against the skin produces an absolute feel-good factor. This cotton-on-skin effect promises special comfort. The spacer bra of the spring/summer collection of Conturelle Comfort sets new benchmarks in comfort.

Conturelle is starting the 2014 Spring/Summer season with two attractive fashion series - a permanent series with Italian flair and an opulent basic series. Special designs and quality embroidery, coupled with strong colours guarantee that special something. All series for the season have been inspired by the contemporary subject of the “Costiera Amalfitana” and reflect its seductive look and southern temperament.



The IMPRESSION series from the “Perfect Feeling” range is the ideal daily companion. Added to comfort, the appearance is also particularly impressive – three dimensional textured material with a lustrous trim on the edges of the cups.

The [un: usual] collection is once again oriented to contemporary subjects, offering the right underwear to suit every taste – from a marine look to bright colours and romantic designs. Ay, ay, Captain – a striped pattern in navy blue/white, the typical pattern and colours of the sailor look find also their port in this spring/summer collection of [un: usual].