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We are constantly expanding our international market presence.

More than 127 years of know-how on international markets enable us to meet the needs of today’s confident women with our collections.


Conturelle makes every woman feel special and takes sensuality to perfection. For modern women who wish to emphasise their figure with a seductive look and sensual style but want to feel comfortable even in large cup sizes. The Conturelle collection is composed of stylish seasonal fashion and modern basic ranges.

Conturelle comfort lines

The Conturelle comfort lines offers exquisite lingerie with a high comfort factor for today’s confident women who seek an optimum combination between a smart, elegant look, perfect fit and excellent quality even in large cup sizes. For women who favour a classic style the most important factors will always be fit and comfort of wear. Our designs are adapted to these functions.


[un: usual] - get used to it.

[un: usual] offers perfect “underpinnings” for young confident women with large cup sizes. The garments stand out for their fine tailoring, bold colours and young, trendy designs. The [un: usual] collection comprises both basic and fashion ranges. Up-to-date trend colours are added to the basic ranges each season.