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Pure Balance
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0202201, Molding-BH mit Bügel
0203201, Molding-BH ohne Bügel
0206201, Spacer-BH
0210201, Minislip
0213201, Taillenslip
0250201, Molding-Body ohne Bügel

The models in the PURE BALANCE series have smooth, seamless cups and nestle perfectly up against the body, giving them an invisible look underneath clothes. Particularly soft and ergonomically formed comfortable straps provide secure support and relieve strain on shoulders.

The use of a double-faced fabric with the soft and comfortable cotton side against the skin produces an absolute feel-good factor. This cotton-on-skin effect promises special comfort (all models apart from the Spacer bra).

The softly shaped cup on the spacer bra lends a natural feeling of lightness created by the extreme fineness of the fabric. Spacer fabric is defined as being very light and flexible while also keeping its shape. The 3-D technology of this spacer fabric permits optimal breathability. The spacer bra sets new benchmarks in comfort.